my 3 mth baby has flu n cough..the flu had stopped but the cough still going on. both my 2yrs old and 3mth babies also get the same. I just wondered should I bring my 3mth old baby to see doctor.. i feel so heart pain seeing her coughing non stp. but on the part, I heard that 3mth baby are too young to eat and get medicine from doctor. Any advice mummies ?

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Hi! So sorry to hear that! I would suggest going to the doctors too if you are considering getting medications. Otherwise, if you are open to TCM, you can consider going to YuGuo for tui na. Had a friend who brought her baby there and felt that it helped. Take care!

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For babies who catch colds and cough, you may observe it for 2 days and just give home remedy or continuous latching. On the third day, if you don't see any improvement, you can bring them to the doctor for check up. This is to avoid prolonging the colds which could lead to pneumonia if not cured.

Baby below 6 months cannot give medication. If cough really bad please see a PD do not self medicate.

please immediately take your baby to the doctor instead of waiting and thinking what to do.