My baby is 11 months old today. Her top 2 teeth are coming out, I can see them. Problem is, she's running a low grade of fever 38 degrees and has had 5x watery stool since morning. Should we bring her to the PD tonight? Or continue to monitor?

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Sent her to the PD ytd night. Thank god for my instinct. She has stomach infection and is on antibiotics. Thanks for the replies!

4y ago

Thanks Roshni!

is baby still active? if baby is not active, please bring it to pd . if baby is still active, u may sponge her and montior. if fever gets higher, bring to doctor. i would give some med just in case it hits 38.5 and it might trigger fits

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I think you should definitely bring her to the doctors, just in case, and to make you feel better too. has her fever been fluctuating up and down, or has it been climbing?