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Hi Mums, for those who wears make up. What product do you use while youre pregnant?

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Hello Bea, congratulations. I was definitely packing on the makeup before pregnancy. After that, u will have the pregnancy glow which I enhanced with a little eyeliner and if I need to put foundation, ensure u put primer first as it acts like a barrier between the skin and ur makeup. So it won't absorb much of the products.

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Hi Bea. I try to minimize putting on makeup whenever possible. Also i will make sure i will wipe off my lipstick before eating. On some days when i was rushing to head out, i’d just reach for my fresh sugar lip and glide it over!

Still use e same. Unless u have dry, itchy skin then stop. For me, my skin's always glowing(thank god) and i only applied sun screen, lipstick and eyeliner..

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I think most brands are now safe to use. Just beware of the harmful ingredients. I use MAC.

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Stays the same, but avoid Retinol, anti-aging products and whitening products (eg. Vit C)

No change, I continue my usual routine. Currently using Maybelline foundation

i use normal brand when i wasn’t pregnant. seems fine☺️

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I used my regular brand of skin care and make up; innisfree


No change for me, used the same Laneige products.

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Most brands in the pharmacy should be fine