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Hi can any mums share which maternity insurance plans you bought? Is there any plan that can cover the child's medical insurance from the time he/ she is born? A lot of them only pay out ~10k if there's any congenital defects / problems. But that's not enough. Was looking to have full medical coverage for child right out of the oven

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Hi Mama, Prudential has a maximum payout of $20k. Most maternity insurances either standalone or are bundled with a life policy. If you’re looking for some coverage for baby from birth, I would suggest one that is bundled with a life policy like PruFirst Promise. Baby will have a whole life policy from birth. For medical coverage, you will only be able to apply for that after birth.

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Bought Pru First Promise bundle which consists of PruMum (one time payment to cover pregnancy complications, if any) and Pru ActiveLife which currently covers me and then baby from birth (not requiring any medical underwriting) :) do note some companies require you to sign up for another plan in order to get the maternity insurance (e.g. AVIVA My Maternity Plan).

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Yes agrees with Jolyn. I just asked my insurance agent on this and yes baby have to be 14 days old then able to sign up for any insurance plan. If you currently have your own hospital plan and if there's any complications during birth (e.g emergency c-sect), you'll be covered for the hospital charges..

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Hi fellow mummy, I got a baby insurance from prudential (PruMum+PruActive life) when I was at week 13. It covers mom and baby for 4 years under the standard illnesses and its a whole life plan for baby

may I know how long it takes for the baby's insurance to kick in? the insurer I spoke to said about 15 days (because need to wait for birth cert)

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I think most insurers has a variation of this policy. Procedure should be about the same too!

bb have to be 14 days old before being eligible to buy any type of insurance

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Check out AIA. they have more extensive coverage :)

you can look into AIA Qiren prenatal plans

Pru and AIA