Pls share when did your milk supply dip? And how fast it took for the milk supply stop?

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My milk supply was in a roller coaster timeline. I went back to work n it dipped a lot as I did not have time to pump like I was at home. It was demoralizing when the supply was not enough for a day. I eventually so called gave up trying to increase after a month of 'fight'. I stopped pumping and the dripping of milk gradually became lesser and not long after a few days, it dried up.

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I also have hard time pumping at work now. Only able to pump during my lunch time .. And end work .. I will pump in the morning at 7 plus followed by my lunch time 12plus then end work 530. Remaining will be twice at night so I hope my milk supply won't drop so much even though it is now. Lo Alrdy 1year old but I wish to continue till she is 2

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My milk supply depended a lot on how my child used to feed. She was a very erratic feeder so by 4 months my supply took a dip. Other than you baby's feeding habits, you hormones also play a big part in milk supply. If you've been experiencing any changes or if your period has returned, talk to your lactation consultant or pedia.

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My supply dip 6 mths pp. I used to have 600+ml per day. Now i only have abt 400-500+ml per day. But luckily my LO only takes 330-440ml in IFC per day.

Ermmm... Surprisingly i still had supply even when i stopped feeding baby for a while. A year or more later i still have supply. The total opposite of you. :)

Oh I had a tough time with my milk supply. After 3 months I realised a dip (which was gradual till the 6th month) then it stopped completely.

My has started dipping from about 4 months