Sudden dip in milk supply

Having a sudden dip in milk supply due to period. I no longer feel the letdown also. 2 months pp. Both latching & pumping. Any tips to boost supply quick? #advicepls #breastfeeding

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First thing is to let baby latch as many times as possible. Baby's suction is stronger than pumping. This will help to stimulate production. For me, taking LegendairyMilk supplements help alot! I struggled the first mth tt I had to supplement baby with formula (only managed abt 60-80ml per pumping session) but aft taking the supplements with Lecithin, results seen in a week or so, I cld get 150ml and above. But u need to trial and error for tt. Try one of their best sellers first and see in a wk or 2 if there's an increase. Personally for me, Cashcow works best. Diff ppl has diff results with each supplement. You can also try tt concurrently with other natural galactagogues like dates, fennel seeds etc. Lactation cookies also but for me this didn't do much and made me gain weight instead 😅

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2y ago

Yes, baby is latching as and when he wants. Using a Haakaa to catch the letdown when he latches on 1 side. I can only yield 30-40 ml everytime and my right dipped alot, it barely made any milk but I keep latching on that side so the letdown will be on the left. Also currently I'm about a week of taking Legendairy Milk Milkapalooza but not working on me. Eyeing on the Lecithin too to help in my sticky milk. My baby is on mix feed since Day 1 cos he was in the NICU & I'm a low supply mum. Been drinking dry dates and longan & also drinking & eating oats to help but they only help a bit. Trying to do whatever I can so my supply stays.