Mums my daughter is turning 4 next month and I think she is ready for some formal lessons. Just asking what enrichment classes do you send your little ones to?

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Why not ask your daughter? Instead of sending her to what other parents/you want to, ask her what she likes and whether she wants to take classes for it - then find fun ones for her to join! She'll be happier doing something she likes, and you'd also be creating the encouragement that you will be there to support and guide her to pursue things she has interest (and in future, passion) for.

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Phonics class is recommended for 4 years old. Other than that you can wait until she goes primary school then consider creative writing class, math and science enrichment.

Some started with those baby gym like My Gym or Gymboree. If you're looking at brain development, there's Heguru, Shichida. For music, there's Kindermusik.

Speech and drama, art classes, ballet, piano, swimming. These can be introduced to kids at a tender age.