mums, how do you know what size of nursing bras to buy? do you buy a bigger size than your current cup?

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Yup, I bought one to two size up my pregnancy breast size and I bought 3 bras: one to wash, one to wear and one to have ready. Nursing mums also often need a nursing pad in their bra to prevent leaking. So be generous when selecting your size to allow room for nursing pads. Some tips when buying a nursing bra: 1. Look for a bra that provides easy, one-handed access with lots of support. 2. The band should fit on the last hook when you buy. This is because your rib cage will decrease in size after birth and you will be able to adjust the band tighter as needed. 3. A nursing bra that fits properly will not cause “pinching” under the arm or between the breasts and will not “ride up” in the back or put tension on the shoulders. 4. While nursing, your breasts are constantly changing as they fill with milk and shrink after feeding. Look for a bra with at least 5% spandex to allow for these changes

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Ask the salesperson for help! I bought my maternity bras during an expo sale and the auntie helped me to measure and chose the right sizes for me. Saves me the headache to return for bigger/smaller sizes.

Haha, cool! was looking to buy online because it's cheaper! just not sure about to cutting and actual fit though. thanks for the advice, ladies! :D Any brands to recommend?? First time clueless mummy here hehee

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If in Malaysia, Lunavie and Autumnz are some of the brands readily available but can be bought online Also trendyvalley But these are on the higher end I use a China generic brand instead due to budgeting issues. Got nursing sport bras and now buying the 2-in-1 pumping and nursing types.

I bought a cup bigger.. but it's really depends if you're a full cup nw. spring maternity salesperson was very kind to advise. So jus ask the store

I bought the biggest size!! 2XL I've tried them before in a shop and can only wear something like 42B (pre Pregnancy was 36B)

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Usually 1 size bigger. But I'm 14 weeks and I went up 2 sizes already 😭😭

sales ladies can assist you aLways and recommend the best size


Go for 2 sizes up. :)

Buy it bigger size