7 months BF journey

Hi, any mums experiencing the same? I direct latch morning & evening, pump at work. Since a month now my son is on solid so i have reduced my pumping. Its been almost a week I no longer feel the need to express as my boobs just stay soft and supple the whole day. The last 2 days i didn’t even pump and i felt ok. I quite enjoy this feeling of not being slaved by full boobs, but also worried that i may drop the supply and can’t really get it back up again. At the moment my freezer is still full with milk that can last a month. I have not actually decided when to stop breastfeeding. If i continue to just latch morning & night, do you think i can maintain that in the next 5mos? Or will i dry up soon?

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Might be drying up, like mine stop at about 8 months cause I drop pump. The supply drop drastically