I'm breastfeeding mummy. My LO just started having solids at 6month now. Do I still need to pump exclusively to maintain milk supply? My milk supply is low (120-140ml) and it is just sufficient for a meal per session. I feel really really exhausted now. I direct feed her once I back from work until the next day morning (8pm, 11pm, 1am, 3am, 6am). And pump at work 3 times daily. Any advice to readjust my schedule as LO has started solids now? So that I can have a minute to rest. Much appreciated.

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My baby started eating solids too but we're still breastfeeding her. We cannot actually tell if our babies are eating enough form solid intakes so might as well still breastfeed them so we can be sure that they still get sufficient nutrients. Keep pumping and keep breastfeeding!

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My baby has also just started on solids (6mo) and I do not intend to decrease milk feeds. Solids are complementary and milk is still the main source of nutrients until 1 year old. However, if you really feel tired, then perhaps it's better to substitute with FM. Some moms replace 1 milk feed with solids (puree, porridge) but as I'm doing BLW, the milk feeds remain as per normal. http://www.bounty.com/baby-0-to-12-months/weaning/how-to-wean/cutting-down-on-milk

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I would suggest you hang in there for a little while longer. Even though your baby has started on solids, it may take awhile before you can fully transit him/her to obtain the most of his/her daily nutrients requirement from solids. Hence, it would be good if you could still try to keep up with the supply so that it could still be the main source of nutrient for your baby. Hang in there!

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