My LO is 5mths old. I'm currently not working so I DL her. Whenever I latch her, I feel that my boobs are soft and not full. However, I feel that she is sucking n swallowing. She drinks about 2-3hourly. Is it normal not to feel full boobs and yet can last LO 2-3hours? I miss the feeling of full boobs. What I can do to feel fuller?

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Hi, I agree that ur supply has stabilized. Some babies are just small drinkers and may not be hungry but the body alarm clock want to latch at that timing or for the sequence of routine. U can try boosters or try to make ur bm more fatty n nutritious by upping ur protein intake and fat intake (the healthy kind - coconut oil) kind - then can last longer perhaps? Water up goo

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I heard about VCO. How do I take that?

What you're experiencing is very normal as your breast are now regulated to your baby's feeding pattern. It doesn't mean that you're getting less milk. If you notice, you tend to leak less as your child gets older too. Again this is because your boobs are regulated - supply and demand. Feel happy about it :)

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5 months old, can space out feeding every 3.5-4h already

4y ago

Yes because she shows hungry cues like sucking on her fingers and turning her head left and right trying to suck. Oh by the way, she is a preemie. She is 2 months corrected age.

Once our LO reaches about 4 months, our milk supply would be stable and regulated. I been breastfeeding for 19mo. My boobs stopped feeling full since 4mo. But whenever i ate boosters, i will have the full feeling. Full feeling could means an oversupply issue. It's something you want to avoid to prevent block ducts issue. It's a good thing mummy! Means your breast is providing enough supply for your little one

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try peanut soup. works for me!

It doesn’t matter. Your supply has regulated and as long as you latch on demand your body will continue to generate sufficient milk.