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My LO just turned five months. I have no intention to stop breastfeeding at six months, but I don't know how long I can continue to breastfeed her for because my daily yield is not sufficient for her. I just tell myself I'll give her whatever I can provide for as long as I can. She drinking BM in the day and FM at night. I'm currently pumping every 3 hours in the day, and I try to do the same at night. But I've been so tired from work these days that I manage to wake up only once in the middle of the night to pump. I even fell asleep while coaxing baby to sleep and I end up missing two pumping sessions in a row. If I don't pump at night, I wouldn't have enough milk to bring to my inlaws place the next day where my LO would be when I'm at work. I'm so afraid my already very low milk supply will drop even further. I power pump once a day, but I don't see the yield increasing. Moving forward, should I continue pumping every three hours? For mummies who breastfeed their LOs past six months, and the supermums who can keep up with breastfeeding for more than a year, what is your pumping schedule like? I don't know how long I can pump like this for, especially at night because sleep is non-existent on some days when the baby wakes up for milk after I finish pumping. By the time I feed her milk, change diapers and coax her back to sleep, it could soon be my next pumping session again, and before I know it, its time to prepare for work. #advicepls #1stimemom

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I mixed feed after 3month cause I'm sending my boy to IFC and I've to back to work I didn't wake up at night after back to work, I wake up at 5am for pumping and last pump is around 11-12mid night I only can pump 2 times at work, supply definitely drop 😓 my pumping schedule on weekdays is like 5am 11am (lunch hour and skip lunch) 3pm 7pm 11pm, 5 times a day my boy will have breast milk at home and formula at IFC and I manage to feed him till 1years + when I prepare for 2nd pregnancy don't feel guilty if u miss out any pumping, just feed whatever u can it's never easy just do your best 😊

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Thank you for sharing!