Drastic drop in milk supply at 6-7 months

Any mummy with the same problem? I’ve dropped to 40ml combined from both breasts at 6 months and I’m devastated. Any advice how to increase supply quickly?

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Super Mum

You can still power pump and take milk booster. Do drink lotsa water too! And is it possible that your period is coming back? Period eill affect supply temporarily - calcium supplement may help


Pump and latch more frequently. Eat milk booster food like milo barley 100 plus Edaname salmon Threadfin fish green papaya fish soup.

Super Mum

Drink and eat more, rest more, go back to power pumping and pumping every 2-3 hours (plus direct latching if possible).


Latch more and drink plenty of water!

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Power pump , fluids, milk booster