sleeping position

Any mummy sleeping more comfortable on the right side compare to left side although they say slping on the left side is better..i feel better slping on the right side Thanks

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I used to fall asleep easier on my left side before pregnancy. Now that i’m in my 2nd trimester, i feel more comfortable sleeping on my right side.

Me too. My doctor said that as long as you are comfortable, it doesn't matter which side you sleep.

same I prefer right side! I try to slp left side but if cannot fall aslp I will switch to right side. haha

Yes , i sleep on my right side . Even before pregnancy , and i slept longer ! And i doze off faster too !

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Me! I'm so used to sleeping on my back and right side. But whenever possible I'll force myself to turn left

Actually either left or right is ok, as long as it’s not lying flat on your back

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Sleep is better den no sleep. Any position will do as long as u cn zzzz hahaha

For me I changed often as my arms get hurtful if i aways sleep on one side.

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Both sides are alright to me. I change side after too long on one side

Yes! Me too, but I still try and force myself to sleep on the left.