My babies drinking milk lesser

Hi all mummy, my little boys 4month old now he drinking milk lesser, he take formula milk it 3-4 bottles per day only, (3oz.) anyone had this issue before? I just worry it not enough for him, I cannot find the reason what happens to him, everything it find , he can play and active. Just the issue he don't want to drink milk only, am so worry about this so much ?

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teething period could result in drinking/ eating less, more drooling, more chewing on things, midnight cries, wakeup in the middle of the night(s), extra cranky, sleeping less, diarrhoea, sudden low grade fever. They might not come all at once, may be just one or two symptoms at once. My boy used to go for 4hrs refusing to latch and keep crying on and off. Cant force him also... Its worrying. but still considered normal.

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it might be teething. from what I understand is that every baby will hit this phase at a point of time. mine hit when she's 1yo so I gave solid more. you can try dragging time and give milk to see if baby take otherwise give every 2 hourly like nb time. 2 hourly 2 Oz also good yes very tiring but no choice.

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Did you recently change the formula milk? Usually when trying new formula, ask for samples from the companies, they're happy to give out to try. Do also check the teat that he is using now if need to change to one with additional hole for easier milk outflow.

Same here my son recently can go as far as 5 to 6 hrs on 80 ml sometimes don't want and push the milk away, I feel stressed as he loose some of his fats but still v. Active, his gum also swollen n starting to teeth he will bite nipple bottle n push away

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Maybe your little boy doesn’t like the taste of the milk he’s having now. Try switching to other formula milk through sampling . Friso formula taste quite nice. Go to their website and request for samples. Try first before switching.

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Thanks for advice 🙏🏻

Check if they are teething, or is it time to change their teats to a bigger size, these may be some reasons that they don’t want to drink milk.

Very likely he's teething.