18 month old doesn’t want to drink milk

My 18 month old refuses to drink milk (he can literally go 1 whole day without milk) and he only drinks milk in my helper’s room. My baby naps in my helper’s room almost everyday and I understand that he probably thinks it routine, however it’s so strange that he can go one whole day without it milk if he is unable to drink in that room. Can anyone advise me how to change his milk drinking habits?? I’ve tried offering it in a cup/with straw/bottle all to no avail. My son eats solids really well tho but I understand that milk still has to be drunk as it is the main source of calcium. I just really want to break this bad habit of his and I don’t know how. I’ve tried letting him cry before bed for 1.5hrs but he still doesn’t want the milk. Also, it’s not the milk issue cos he drinks fine in my helper’s room. I’m so confused can anyone help #18Months #formula #helpme

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Maybe he’s used to drinking in your helper’s room. Does your helper help to feed him? Maybe can try asking your helper to feed him some place else? If he’s not drinking milk very well, maybe u can try to increase the other dairy food, like yogurt and cheese. Just for the time being. Some babies are just not a fan of milk. My LO can also go the whole day without milk. He won’t look for his milk. I always have to bring it to him 😂

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Are you working from home ? Have helper ever make baby sleep or drink milk in the living room before? Prolly it’s time to change environment. Does Lo drink fresh milk ?

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12mo ago

Ahhh. I guess lo is use to helper feeding milk in the her room. It will take some time for him to adapt if lo is fussy :) . I would suggest play, eat, drink , bath w lo together w mummy if have time. Don’t force lo if not will keep reject . Do encourage lo as well. So both of u can spend some time together:) Try for a week or two etc Can do alternate days if u are busy w work. Ask helper to feed in the living room etc Every Weekends spend time w lo ;) At this stage still continue to drink fm/bf ( don’t entirely switch ) . You can give fresh milk during snacks time. I still give my lo FM till she say she don’t want anymore:) My lo still drink fm at wee hours as well so I will make milk for her. I also give fresh milk during day time ( just a small cup )