Nausea,bloated but no vomiting at week 6 day 4

Hi I’m experiencing nausea and feel so bloated all the time. I don’t have much appetite for food, time to time I’ll gag but no vomiting so far. I tried drinking 100plus and ate some grapes to feel better. Any other advices to help curb the nausea? Thank you all!#1stimemom

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I'm also a first time mom, week 7 now. I too have whole day nausea and bloat without vomiting. It was so hard to focus at work and people tend to brush you off because "aiya never vomit so ok lah". :( Now I take 1 diclectin at night and it helps a lot. Was asked to take 2 but 1 works well enough for me. You can try to ask if your gynae can prescribe you some. Food wise, I now prefer congee, non-oily food, chilled refreshing fruits (but not too much as there are sugar). I also blend fresh ginger to make ginger drink. Let's jiayou!

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Eat small frequent meals - I carry around meiji plain crackers with me, that helps. also sours candies. So far, dry cereal and wholemeal bread are also my remedy. My gynae prescribed vitamin b6 to cope with nauseous too!

I had the same issue! Mostly survived on hot Milo and meiji crackers in my first trimester. Hope it gets better for you soon! :)

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Okay I’ll go get some plain Meiji crackers later! Thank you!!

I had terrible bloating too and loss appetite too. Try gaviscon it’ll help w the bloating a lot!!

Currently at week9 but the nausea is still quite bad, ok and off. Once I vomited 6 times in a day.

i had the same symptoms! u can try preggie pop drops from iherb! they helped me with my nausea.

i ate lots of sour candies and sour plums to curb the nausea!

Hi there! This drink helped... scheweppes lime soda...

try to find a good prenatal multivitamin with B6