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Hi community! I would like to ask on how to let baby sit in pram without crying. My baby does sit well or long in the pram and loves to be in baby carrier. However, my baby is getting heavier by the days. How should I train her to sleep or sit in the pram? Thank you!!

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I have the same problem! She refuses to sit in the pram for more than 5-10mins and insists to be carried. 😓

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Same issue my lo also the same dun like to sit in pram always me need ro carry her in my carrier :*****

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Hi instead of training baby can you try and find out why she doesn't like sitting on a pram? Maybe it's difficult to move or it's boring? You can try putting those dangling toys in front of baby. My girl likes sitting in the car seat but dislikes the stroller also.

4y ago

She has toys in he pram .. she like to dance dance I mean when I walk she like the movements ... hahahahahahah naughty girl even she sleepy put her inside pram she will cry also need to put her in my carrier while she sleeps .. beco of tis going out also I M GETTING VER TIRED