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Hi mummies, your advice please. I am currently having a helper. She look after my elderly mum. I have an infant and a 2yr old toddler. My toddler goes to a full day cc. As i will be returning to work after my ML, i am not sure to put my bb in ifc or ask the helper to look after. The helper has no experience in bb care, and i have been training her for the past 2 weeks, yet, she is not proactive and she is impatient and she got attitude problem. Happy do, not happy, don't do and she will talk back if she not happy. Her contract is ending in april next year and we have no intention to renew her either. If you were me, what would u do? Thxs.

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I thought you have ur answer? Her contract expiring and you not renewing. So if not ifc, then who take care?

1y ago

yah true also. at the end of the day, still need to go ifc. at least the teachers there are trained.

I think it is best to put your baby in ifc since your helper got no experience.

1y ago

yah. that is why i am thinking also. in fact, i cannot trust her too.