Any mummies who intend to go back to workforce after 2 months of giving birth bring their newborn to interview? Does the interviewer mind?

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I'd say that you have to check with the company on this, but it's highly advised not to! Reason being, it would not reflect well on you - if you can't make arrangements for the interview, then the interviewer would probably be concerned about how you'd make arrangements when you're at work, how much leave you'd take for your child etc. Like what others said, you have a few options to explore: - Get a friend/relative/part-time nanny etc to help out (preferably someone your child is comfortable with!) while you go for the interview, even if it's just under the building for an hour or so - Put your child at infant care before that happens, since you probably would need to do so if you get selected and there's nobody at home who can help - Check with employer and interviewer whether you can bring your child along during the interview, or to work (some flexible ones are okay) - See if there's another way to conduct the interview (eg. video interview from home through Skype) - Find another type of job that you can do from home, at your own time, convenience and comfort No matter what you end up choosing, it's important to be prepared and respectful to the interviewers and company - while standing your ground when needed.

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i wont bring, options i would explore: 1)i will get a friend to go along (if can) and help me while i go up (after that can thank the friend with a small catch up meal) , 2) get a partime nanny just for a few hrs as a mum and a hirer, i too, would not consider someone who brought a friend along.

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Usually interviewers like to conduct the interview in peace. While they may be open to hiring you and understanding your needs as a new mum, if they see that you are constantly getting distracted by the baby , it might put them off. So I don’t think it’s a good idea to bring baby to Interview.


As much as I understand how tough it must be to leave your baby behind, I really don't think it's a good idea to take your baby along for an interview. Can I ask why you wish to take baby along? Is it because you don't have an alternate arrangement?

won't recommend that. no matter how pro-family the company and interviewer is, it will be super distracting. and imagine if baby cry half way during the meeting (which is highly possible in an unfamiliar environment), it will be so chaotic.

best not to bring baby along. they will ask you who will take care of baby? many employers are concerned as parents we tend to prioritize our kids first which is perfectly normal. however as a hirer that may not be the case.

As a hiring manager and interviewer I would suggest not to bring as it does not look professional. You cannot be sure that babies won't cry during the interview. I am a mummy myself and I will not bring my baby to interview.

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You will need to get someone to help to look after your baby. What if in future your baby is sick?? Are you going to bring sick baby to work? Give it a second thought ya :)

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If you bring a baby to interview, they will think there is no one helping with the baby, and you will be taking more leave if baby is sick etc, it might be a minus point if many people is going for interview as well.

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i went and tried before. They questioned me on how often will i be taking leave for my kid since still so young. What if OT? Have to be prepared IF the company isn't too family orientated

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i guess u can go ahead but may just be mentally prepared that this will not look professional in front of the interviewers and may decrease your chance of getting short listed