hi mummies. Where do get nice nursing cover and clothes. Am returning to work soon and there is no proper room for me to pump. Gonna pump in desk le. Hais..

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Nursing cover! Cheap, material very soft and it's long too! Link below. https://shopee.sg/product/18785091/1527747000?smtt=0.0.9 I didn't get nursing clothes. I just wear easy from me to remove dress or top usually those either buttons or those wider opening so I can remove my hand and pull down my clothes easily.

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Any shopping mall nearby your office? If yes u can go to the nursing room in the mall. My office doesn't have nursing room too so my option will be shopping mall nursing room. I find it very inconvenient to pump at my desk as my office is open office concept. 😕

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For clothing wise, i like uniqlo airisim bra top. It's easy for pumping. Easy to access. Nursing cover i like bebe au lait! It has a 'bone' for me to peek thru. You can consider getting freemies. It is good for pumping on the go or pumping at desk.

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5y ago

thank u mummy! I will go check it out :)) . I bought one nursing top from qoo10 but the cutting so weird though. very hard to access. so now Don dare get it online le. haha.

I use the free nursing cover included in my discharge bag lol. I remember I had to stand in a storeroom to pump when I first started.

i just buy a nursing cover, got mine.from mothercare. can't remember the brand though.

Hey Mum, Please have a look at Shoppe, M&S and Bove. They have really nice varieties

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I bought mine at jumpeatcry and dearcollective! Can check their ig or website.☺️

I just add hidden/concealed zip to my old dress for easy acesss to pump or latch.

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You can try zalora. There are several brands there like Bove and Dorothy Perkins

Try shopee