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seeking advise from mummy. my husb and i r going through divorce. currently i am staying with my parents. on and off i will go back to my own home. my husb never come home almost 2 years. now he is back, he will msg me that he will stay over night at our own house. What i saw today is the house was a total mess 1) his underwear laying on the floor outside toilet 2) bolster just throw at the living room sofa 3) his clothes all over my dau room 4) floor wet 5) floor mat just so messy we need to surrender our flat once our divource is final as we do not meet the MOP. his parents will visit my child, dats were i bring my toddler over to my own house so that they can visit. i have sole custody. once divource finalised, i dont knw how the parents going to visit my child as its 2 times a mth as written. but they come once or twice every 3 to 4mth. knn, cny never call or msg to wish my son a happy cny. my son is only 4 yrs. i am not chinse, so i am not bothered for wat ever that happen. cny he went to celebrate with his family, never even invite us. for me i am happy just fu.... leave us alone. i have enough, for wattt his son did having affair and abandon me n my child. now watt happen, y choose to come back after 2 yrs? its too late, i took the effort to reconci... on this marriage, he jus failed. i fu... care abt it. just fu.. off basta..... how would u react? my toddler son and i dun wish to face him, bcozz he is abusive . i am just so afraid. i m a person who hv been cleaning and maintaining the house. i cannot tolerate a total s*** and mess. please give me advise.

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Since you’re staying with your parents, Avoid going back to your house if it’s not necessary. You don’t have to face nor clean the mess.

for what his still alive after 2years?mybe jst now he realize for all the stupid things he did

You have sole custody - that’s most important. Breathe - even this will pass

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Take Care, Luckily you have sole custody. Go by the law if anything...

That is just messed up. Get a good lawyer and stress on sole custody