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Hi mummies ! For those of you who have given birth at KKH before, is it true that KKH always push pregnant mummies to induced ? Or is it base on baby & mummies condition then they will induced you ? Because i had people telling me that KKH is not pro on natural birth. Any of you experienced natural birth at KKH before ? I know that induced is way painful than normal contraction so if can i do not want to go through that if i do not have any complications.

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I given birth (natural birth delivery) at KKH last year. checkup visits with the same gynae. She is pro natural for my case since baby was developing well and my pregnancy journey was quite smooth throughout. I would think different gynaes have different opinions and give advises base on the mummy's health condition and pregnancy development. For me, Week 38 day 5, I experienced contractions which grew intense (really painful) over many hours, and I finally checked in KKH 12 hours later. Turns out I was 3cm dilated and i requested for epidural (my savior!). Luckily my gynae happened to be on duty that night. At 10cm, nurse came in and ask me to try and start pushing. After one hour plus of pushing, we still couldn't get the baby head out. Gynae cut open a bit more and baby head finally came out with a final good push. I was too physically and mentally tired from all the pushing and pain to realise that baby didn't cry the moment he came out. Turns out baby was sleeping when he came out (got everyone stunned there as there was no crying) After awhile he started crying, my husband felt relieved. My overall experience was a good one. I would go back to KKH and look for the same gynae if I have the second pregnancy.

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5mo ago

hi may I know who was your gynae?

i was induced natural birth. KK Hosp. has the best gynae and women specialists there. I was induced because my baby is expectedly to be delivered but my dilation is still not opening and by the measurement of my baby's head circumference, if i waited longer, it will be hard for me . I had epidural (painless i dont even feel any poking!) They monitor my progress all the time and got the gynae break my water to get birth going after my dilation is big enough . All the time , i got the chance to rest and saving my energy for the ultimate pushing moment while not feeling the labour pain at all . All the way got a very good nurse to tell me when to push and then breathe . Safely delievered my baby after 12 hr . Now when u say induce is way painful probably its because they dont opt for epidural which is kinda suicidal. I dont have a high pain tolerance so i will opt for anything to mask the pain away. All contractions are pain .

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1y ago

u laughed sarcastically? did u have a bad experience there? then sad for u.

Not sure for induced but I'm sure that the doctors there won't support natural birth. especially the younger doctors. i went for csect for my first born on year 2016.. 2018 Im pregnant with my second born and there's this one doc said to me without taking my feelings into consideration. she told me that why I don't want to just go for another csect? and said this "as if I want to have 10 kids" cos she herself went through csect. I tell her off by saying what if I want 10 kids and the doc just walk off and attended to me like as if nothing happen. such rude and inconsiderate doctor.

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i was induced and natural birth at kkh, they will based on the baby condition, doc will say the reason y must induce and the risk y if u dun wan to induce.... for my case , my baby is big, if i wait till my edd, the baby will have difficulty cming out from vagina causing more pain, i also took epidural when dilated 5cm, my starting check in lying the hospital bed for induce to giving birth took nearly 25hr

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It's a myth. There is no scientific evidence to support this myth. One reason for this perception is that a successful induction of labour will bring on the labour​​ pains. The inevitable negative association leads to the negative perception. Contraction is naturally painful. So induce or not, it really depends on your pain threshold.

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Where ever you want to give birth, end up still KK has the best facilities and equipments for babies and children. So if you are thinking of your child best till KK lor. Not everything private can treat.

induce usually depends if baby not much movement , waterbag broke already but labour not progressing well I had experiences doc break my waterbag and waterbag burst on its own at 10cm .

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Yes. So damn painful to induce and i have failed induced . Ended up emergency csec 🙄 i don’t trust kkh anymore. I rather you pay more go to a good gynae at private. Good luck. Xo not sure about this cause mine is induced and born at 37weeks full term due to self medical conditions. My baby is happy and healthy so far! (:

I gave birth naturally at KKH which my gynae advised me to go naturally and not csect based on my baby position.