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C-Sect mummies! Did you shower during your stay in the hospital after delivery? I'm a #1stimemom, might have to do C-sect. What do I need to take note of for the shower in the hospital room, or prepare? Thanks in advance!!

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Nurse will help to wipe u while u still have the catheter, u'll be bed bound for the first 24 hours at least. But by the 2nd or 3rd day, u shld be able to stand up, tho may feel a lil pain but can just pop painkillers. I only started showering on the 3rd day but I sat down on a commode and arch my back. My hubby helped me in the toilet. Your wound wld be protected by the waterproof cover but just don't splash too much water there. I only wipe the abdomen area surrounding it. I'm not sure whether all hospitals provide toiletries. For me I didn't manage to bring mine but as I was in a 1 bedder, they provided toiletries. Can pack your own just in case.

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i went straight to shower the moment they took out the catheter! pls move slowly when you are in the shower room as the floor will be wet. your csec wound will be well covered by those transparent water proof gauzes, it’s hard for water to slip in but still be careful when you wash that area. i sat on the toilet bowl to shower as I cant stand up straight and i feel more comfortable when sitting down, or when your back is in the inward arch position. Do rem to bring your toiletries! Have a smooth delivery sister!

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After removed all catheter on 2nd day evening, tried to start walking a few steps. I showered in 3rd day morning with standing position. When doctor saw me I was able to walk and sit by myself. On 3rd day, he allowed me to discharge on 4th day.

I didn’t shower. The nurse just wiped me with wash mitts. But if you do want to shower please walk slowly in an inward arch position and support your stomach. All the best and have a smooth delivery! ☺️

i showered on the 3rd day before discharged on the same day. i showered standing up as pernormal as im afraid if i did sit down and shower, i wont be able to get up after..lol..bring ur toiletries too.

The first time standing up was painful but after that it’s okay. Have to stand and keep walking around to help the healing process


i showered on 3rd day before discharge. remb to bring binder, use binder aftr csect will reduce the pain when u walk or stand up

I shower immediately when I get home. But during hospital stay, the nurse will help to wipe down.

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i didnt shower... 1st shower after 2 weeks with herbal bath prepared by confinement nanny

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I didn’t shower, just wiped. Hospital will give u all you need