Hi, can mummies teach me how to cook porridge with balance iron and protein in it? I have no idea at all when come to cooking. I don't know how to cook at all, my in law side keep saying about me cause I can't cook and I am a stay home home taking care of a 7 months baby. If I can't cook, they will.think I am a useless mother staying at home. Anyone please teach me how to cook porridge for my LO?

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No mother is useless. For every skill, we all need to learn. so don't blame yourself too hard. I would advise you to get a electric lunch cooker, it;s cheap and easy. Google on some fish stock recipes and vegetable purees. With these basics, you can prepare porridge for your baby. Focus on how to prepare the meal first before you think about balancing the iron and protein in it.

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Dear get a slow cooker it will solve your problems and make you the best cook :). Dump the rice, and ingredients inside leave it for a few hours. Once the texture is done to your liking. Serve warm. :) I usually put these ingredients, carrots, scallops, red dates, meat. Anything can be put in.

Hey don't put yourself down. You are great! Cheer up okay! Make some stock beforehand. That helps and comes in handy when you 're rushing. I'm using a slow cooker.

you can buy a slow cooker to cook porridge. you can google on how to cook different types of bb porridge.