Hi, I am going jb for a day trip tomorrow with my.8 months lo. He I currently taking 2 meals a day. I cook porridge for him and I am wondering how to bring it to jb? I am going off at 7+am or 8am. I may need to cook his porridge at 3am or 4am. Then I will put it in a thermos flask, I wondering how long can the porridge last? Will it spoil? Can I take half the porridge out from the flask at 10am and close the rest leave it until 5pm? I not sure if the porridge will turn bad. How am I suppose to do? This is my first time going a day trip with lo eating solid food. Can anyone pls advice me. Thank you..

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Suggest u prepare one meal of cereal instead of porridge as it might not be able to last that Long in the thermal flask.. do a taste test before u feed him .. I'd go easy with food since 1 y o still mainly need milk instead .. or u can give some bread/ banana or other easily available fruits too if he has no allergy

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Fruits is a good option to take along. Just add milk or water and you are ready to go. Bring along some cereal and bread or plain biscuits

Taking dry food is a better option. Try cereals or even oats. They are easier to make. Just add water

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I will take snacks and dry cereal. Or probably skip one solids this time!

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you can consider bringing cereal, food pouches, bread, fruits.