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Any mummies stop breastfeeding after trying a few days? Baby able to latch but my nipples were so sore n painful, plus low milk supply. Switch to formula n baby was able to drink well (20ml each fed). Will it be enough?

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hi mummy, u can try pumping instead! i’m exclusively pumping now, i intended to breastfeed from before baby was born. end up baby refused to latch properly even after LC tried to help, she only can latch properly every now & then but only for maybe 5mins max & my nipples hurt like hell. due to improper latch she wasn’t getting much milk & was constantly hungry af so during my hospital stay i let the nurses cup feed her a few times & still tried latching despite my sore nipples. day 2 night i was discharged & when i reached home baby was hungry again, this time she completely refused to latch on for more than 1min because she was so hungry and couldn’t get much milk out so i had to supplement with formula for that night and almost the whole of next day, that night i started pumping & i saw blood(cracked nips) mixed with colostrum which i dumped :( , second pump i got 6mls which i syringe fed her, continued pumping every 3-6hrs(i was very inconsistent😓) & was producing enough to feed her by day 3 & on day 4(milk came in!) due to my inconsistency i woke up with rock hard breasts & swollen lymph nodes on both my armpits, swore to pump frequently after that and the problem went away. everybody’s breastfeeding journey is different, pumping is still breastfeeding!

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Hi. I am a FTM , baby currently 1 mth old. It was painful for me at first and my supply was low so baby latched for very long. First few days had to topup with formula but I was adamant to keep breastfeeding so I pumped to increase my supply and latched baby on demand. Pain-wise it got better and i’m now quite immune to it. Supply-wise, i am able to fully breastfeed my baby after 2 weeks and don’t have to topup formula. If you are very keen on bf-ing, you should continue. Or else you can try to express and feed baby

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was the latching correct? i too had sore nipples but once i got the correct latching technique, it was ok.. my milk supply came in about 2nd week or you can try expressing milk.. don't give up breast milk as it's good for baby


Hi mummy it's normal to feel nipple sore and painful apply nipple cream will help. And your milk supply may not have kick in yet.

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Are you still planning to latch on? Baby’s stomach can probably take about 30ml

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Try the Medela Purelan ointment:) even when it was sore, if I applied it, I could latch on immediately after

I express milk and bottle feed.