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Hi. Im currently 22 days pp. During 2 days pp i had engorgement bt since i was at the hosp... i wasnt advice to pump but to latch bby only.. i only started pumping when i was 16 days pp.. i yield only ard 80-100ml for both breast combine.. i stop pumping cos i was lazy n only latch bby. Tday i pump after bby feeding and manage to only pump out 30ml total. I did 15 mins only as my nipples were v sore as bb latch alot. Bb is pooing n peeing alot. Im wondering is my supply low? How do i increase it?

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Super Mum

Since you latch baby on demand, you cannot compare the output from earlier days. As long as baby poo and pee enough then your output is fine. Milk boosters include oats, salmon, chia seeds, chocolate, fenugreek. Lactation supplements and lactation baked goods also may help, depending on individuals.