Breastfeeding journeys

#breastfeeder My 1st and 2nd kids - now 6 and 3 - were fed by breast milk totally in first 6 months and continued to drink breast milk till 2 years old. Now I’m having my 3rd baby and also totally breastfeeding. To boost up your milk supply after giving birth is not straightforward and need a lot of effort. My 1st kid was easy for me to get good milk supply. After she was born, her paediatric asked me to let her latch on directly immediately after the nurse cleaned up her. After 30 minutes, while waiting my newborn showering, my breasts were full and when you try to express manually will have clear liquid come out. When she latched again after back from showering, my nipples were super painful and swollen, but I try to let her latch as much as she wanted. First few days after back from hospital, I try to pump most of the time right after I breastfed my baby. The amount of milk that I pumped not much, sometimes it was only 10ml but I still continue with that practice. After 7 days I could collect 90ml and after 15 days I could get 150ml. There was 1 thing that I never do is pumping at night. It must be super exhausted. So that in the morning, I could get 250ml to 300ml after feeding the baby. When I was back to work, I woke up early fed baby and pumped milk before I went to work. My work was very busy so I only could pump during my lunch and before I going home. I keep this practice for my 2nd and now my 3rd newborn and it still works well. My kids are in good health and seldom sick. Breastfeeding is tiring journeys but I feel happy that I’ve done my best for my dear children.

Breastfeeding journeys
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Thank you for sharing breastfeeding journey.