at 7months pregnant

Hi.. im currently 7months pregnant.. and just wondering is it safe to watch like action movie like kungfu??

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I know the "pantang" of we malays not allowed to watch horror, gore or action movies that is too violent because in malay" takot terkenan or baby senang terperanjat". Sorry Idk how to rephrase that in english so if u think u r easily shocked etc don't have to watch. Mainly my mom would advice against gore films. So to each its own. Seriously kungfu film are my favourite and nothing will stop me frm watching. Maybe evem hoping my baby cn be kungfu master after watching alot 😆

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2y ago

Thank u.. my mum tk pernah advice me .. she only say ( tengok benda yang baik2).. lol..

I watched Ip Man 4 when preggy and during the fighting scenes, I was afraid the sound effect was too loud for baby. 🤣 so it's up to individual

2y ago

bring a shawl to cover your belly! hoping can muffle some of the sound effect🤣

Super Mum

Hehe, i think it depends on mummies's level of reacting to the movie. I still watch horror and i dun really get shock easily.

I watch horror movie when I'm 9 months pregnant.. I was so keen on watching it i really couldn't stop myself 🤣

Lol. Of course. Any shows also can. Watch porn, horror, action films all okay. As long as you are happy

Super Mum

Why not? It’s safe to watch movies. But if it’s too loud, your baby might react by kicking :)

You are not doing Kong fu right, just watching it.... of course it's safe ... 🙄

2y ago

If u dnt feel like replying then dnt. Its just a question ok.. as im a first time mother.. THANK U!

Super Mum

Of course!:) as long as you don’t do the kungfu yourself 😂


I used to watch transformers during pregnancy too, no issue.

Yes . But it's also depend on individual comfort level