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Hi Community! My wife's milk supply is decreasing and we are thinking of supplementing and transiting to formula milk. How should we do it? Can mix breast milk with formula milk? Or just replace one feed at a time with formula milk? Thank you!!

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Our doctor also says it's OK to mix as long as you follow the correct powder-water ratio. My baby didn't like formula on its own so it's necessary to mix. I mix 30ml formula : 70ml breast milk at first then slowly increased the formula amount.

Nurses always told me not to mix BM with anything. But if you’re choosing to transition to formula, replacing the BM feed with formula is just fine.

Do not mix both bm and fm tgt. Just replace one feed at a time. If LO is drinking that brand of FM well, continue using it.

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Don't mix. Just start by replacing one feed at a time with formula milk.

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My pd and gynae told me it was ok to mix but it's really up to you

Hi, I would suggest replace FM with BM one at a time.

I'll mix..then slowly replace a feed into FM

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You can mix BM with FM

Jz change to fm

I would nt mix. Give the breastmilk first then if needed then give formula. Once u mix u need to throw away the milk after one hour. Breastmilk too precious to throw!