Mummies pls share your menu for 9mo+ I'm running out of idea.

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Try making home-made fish fingers. Just mix de-boned soft white fish (cooked) with mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes. Make finger shapes. Then coat with egg yolk or a bit of milk and breadcrumb. Pan fry in olive oil until golden brown!

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home made nuggets, you can use ckn, salmon, Threadfin, or any meat your little one prefer. I will add in diced Vege to the mix too! serve with some mash sweet potato, a corn! bake ckn with rice/pasta pasta with minced meat sauce

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Rice cereal mixed with either mashed banana or avocado for lunch. Porridge with either minced meat/fish/ pork floss and spinach/broccoli for dinner. In between the 2 meals, baby being fed formula and plain water. :)

Cooking for your family should be Joyful. Don't be stressed. The main concern is to make healthy foods. Period.

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tomato spinach rice with fish. creamy sundried tomatoes with pasta and salmon. mac n cheeze🙂🙂🙂🙂

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Mac n cheese, pumpkin porridge, bite sized bread with cheese etc Have fun!

Pastas with brocolli, Mac n Cheese, Fruit Porridge, Vegetable oats