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Hi mummies, I’m at 17 weeks now and I always have had low blood pressure. But recentlyI’ve started to get faint spells and blacked out when hungry. It’s the kind that I’m actually too hungry but yet didn’t noticed .. for some reasons. I’m trying to feed myself constantly but running out of options with food. It’s always whole meal bread.. biscuit or oat. Any mummies went thru the same experience? Pls share how u got through this pls 🥹#firsttimemom #advicepls

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I also experienced fainting spells and blacked out when I haven’t had my meal and exposed to sunlight. My gynae told me that it’s normal and common and changed my multivitamin to another brand that has more iron. Nowadays I am feeling better and lesser fainting spells.

How bout nuts or fruits? There are many kinds of nuts and fruits can switch it up everyday.