Mummies please share your family favourite recipe!

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Nothing beats a good oven roasted whole chicken with crispy oven baked potatoes. For the roasted whole chicken, the key is to get the skin crispy in the oven which can be easily done by submerging the whole chicken in a brine made of salt, some sugar, garlic, rosemary and water. Leave it for a few hours and remove from the brine bag. After that, let the chicken rest in the fridge uncovered for 2 hours. Before placing chicken in the oven, massage with olive oil, salt, pepper. When you bake it, the chicken will be crispy on the outside and tender inside. As for the potatoes, I use russet potatoed and chop them up without removing the skin. I toss them in olive oil, salt and pepper with a sprinkling of rosemary. Bake for an hour or till crispy!

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