Experience at infant care

Mummies, please share your comments after reading. 1. Teacher gave baby (A) food that was cooked by baby (B)'s mother. Teacher claims that baby B cannot finish, don't waste. I was like huh?? What if baby A is allergic to the ingredients? And if i were Baby B's mother, I will be like.. Hello? I cooked for my child, not meant for other people's child! 2. Teacher doesn't test or try water temperature before giving formula. When questioned, the answer was 'aiya, we know one la, we make milk everyday ' 3. I happen to saw a baby sleeping with the blanket covered on the whole face but teacher didn't realise. So dangerous! Btw, I quickly remove it after taking a snapshot. 4. Babies share common toys (and saliva! ) Is this common?? I get to observe the above matters as I can accompany my baby girl during her first-two days at the infant care.

Experience at infant care
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Nope, not allowed to share food in any case other than allergies, there are also hygiene issue.