Pregnant at 7 weeks

Hi Mummies, is it normal to feel very lethargic at this period? I can sleep the whole day if I want to. Also, not much appetite and feeling nauseous eventho i took meds for it. Any tips on what kind of food to eat? Thank you

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It’s normal. These will usually get better in second trimester. Try eating small frequent meals. I also cant eat much during first trimester. Soups and fruits like Avocado, sunkist, grapes, banana works for me as i cant eat much rice/ noodles in my first trimester.

Same here, I was super tired (napping everyday) and was told by my gynae to eat whatever I feel like eating (spicy, bubble tea, tasty food, even fast food if I have cravings), so that helped me when i felt nauseous / lost my appetite!

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Yes normal. You may find this article helpful take care!

Yes quite normal!