Nauseous feeling

Hi. I'm feeling nauseous (not to the point of vomiting) and very bloated but I'm hungry at the same. Is this normal and any way to manage this. Also, I feel cramp at my c sect scar when I sneeze. Is that normal? Currently at 6 weeks #2ndtimemum

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It is normal to feel pain at the scar but as your baby grows bigger, highly suggest for you to check with your gynae/resident doctor should the pain persistent or feeling stinging. For your bloatedness, do eat on time and in small portion. Perhaps you are having too much wind in your tummy, lessen gassy drinks, coffee/tea. You may drink carbonated drinks to let yourself burp (may or may not work. Depend on individual). And if you feel nauseous do eat sour plum.

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3mo ago

Breakfast very important alwaya have something light in your bag. You can have biscuits, bread, oatmeal 3 in 1, quaker oat, etc. As long as you consume something otherwise thats when the bloatedness affect you. You can have sour plum but not much. I take that to reduce my nauseous and I didnt consume often. It is very rare because I do not want to depend so much on sweets.