Feeling nauseous 😔

Hi mummies. Is it normal to feel nauseous the whole day during 1st trimester? I know some mummies only feel it in the morning due to morning sickness. I have been feeling sick and nauseous the whole day. Pls share some tips ☹#1stimemom

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Absolutely normal... both my pregnancies I threw up and felt nauseous all the way till the 4-5months (day & night). Hang in there. Keep reminding yourself to take it one day at a time. 1. Try eating something sour (candy or plums) or salty plain crackers. 2. Sometimes you are triggered by certain smells, identify which smells makes u feel sick and avoid as much as possible (I couldn’t stand the scent of floral bath soaps/laundry detergent/cooking exhaust smell/fried food smell/laundry smell) 3. Take smaller frequent meals and sips of drinks (try iso tonic drinks) 4. Change your meal option, certain food u may not feel like eating any more or cause u to feel sick. I ate a lot of bread/cheese/clear soups cause I didn’t like eating proper meals (rice/noodles) during the first 4-5 months Hope this helps! It gets better...really! One step one day at a time.

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Thank you so much for the helpful tips! ❤ As for me, all smell do trigger and its hard to avoid this and yes i prefer soupy food options too!

I also same I have a puke fest every half an hour today can’t keep anything down because I refuse to eat diclectin last night super regret. At least with diclectin I feel nauseous will just gag in the toilet and food doesn’t come out so I suppose diclectin works

Yes, it's normal. I'm on my 11th week and I'm still feeling nauseous and still vomiting the entire day. I try to eat crackers or any bland food whenever I feel nauseous. You can also try having smaller and more frequent meals than the normal 3 big meals

Can ask for dicletin from gynae. For me the nausea and vomitting still persist on and off in early tri2... nothing helps. Sometimes even vomit dicletin out..

Yup totally normal, my nausea lasted me till the start of my second trimester. Just listen to your body, what my gynae advises.


yes normal, can only try to take small meals or snacks

Get Dicletin from the doctor. It helps with my nausea.

its normal, sometimes it can last to 3rd tri