Hello mummies. My LO is 5months old. It's so hard for me to put him to sleep during nap time in the afternoon.. When i've succeeded, he'll only nap for 10mins or less and then wakes up. After 30mins he will cry wanting to sleep again. I'll cradle him but he won't fall alseep. When i put him down he'll cry again. Usually it'll take me abt 30-60 mins before he eventually fall asleep again. And then wake up after less than 30mins ?And wants to sleep again afterwards

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Sounds similar to my boy who will be turning 5 month next week. Not so sure if its the sleep regression stage tho. I feel u... it takes a longer time to actually make him fall asleep than him being alseep right. I guess, they are growing and they are more curious of the outside world now. As long as he has 1 or 2 naps a day, its good for me. What time does ur baby wakes up and bedtime at night?

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4y ago

Hahaha all the best to us!


Try yaolan?

4y ago

Will check it out!