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Hi mummies. My LO is 5MO.. I am currently staying with my in laws. However, i can't bring my son out to the living room to play because there are cats in the house. My son has eczema and the fur could trigger his eczema so i seldom bring him out to play in the living room. I am also allergic to the fur as i'll sneeze non stop.. Will only come out when my FIL has cleaned and vaccuumed the house. So i am always couped up in the room. Can someone suggest some activities i could do with my LO in the room? I have limited space too tho.. I have a play gym but i think my son is bored with it. I need to do some activites that will encourage him to use his physical abilities..

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same situation! my lo is only gg 2months. I'll just play with my LO,carry her bc she loveeeee to stand alot and practice her tummy time and rollovers . i also have karaoke sesh with her as she loves listening to me and my partner's song genre. she doesnt like nursery rhyme 😂ill talk to her alot while she stands like teaching her yes nod, no shake head kinda thing 😂now she likes to 'talk' so much 😂 for 5months, maybe you can start reading him books too 😉

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In same position but mine cus others r constantly smoking. So end up i coup up in e rm. Fr me, i read books upon waking up. Then toys in between milk/sleep. Then more cuddles. Guess the best is interact while yr lo while he is playing with his toys. Dun let them play on their own. Keep talking. 😊

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You can get cloth books and read to your baby, sing nursery rhymes, keep talking to him, get toys like stack blocks/cups, rattles and squeaky toys, let him see his reflection in the mirror, get teethers since he will likely put everything in his mouth.

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I dont know if they are still selling this but I used to have a bouncy swing that you can deadbolt onto ceiling and my son will have at least an hour or so of fun bouncing and swinging...he even fell asleep in it

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How about books?