It is my 1st trimester and the whole family knows that I am conceiving. However my husband and my father in law still smokes in the house and when i come out of the room, the cigarette smell is so strong. No matter how many times i said i dont like it, and the fact that I am just concern about the baby, my husband would just simply said “ok” but still do it and my father in law too.. it is just so frustrating because i hate the smell of cigarettes and it makes me feel nauseous. What am I supposed to do? ?

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maybe they dun know how serious the consequences are. perhaps share articles about how it affects the baby? or you can check w the gynae so that your husband can finally hear it from a "professional" personnel. my husband smokes as well, but he's really trying his best not to. even when he does, he'll do it further away fr the house and brush his teeth after that. I did tell him that it'll stay in the clothes and body even if he brushes teeth so the best way is to not touch it as much as possible. it's hard for a heavy smoker to stop immediately, so they'll have to slowly make the changes for better lives later. all the best!

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Are they heavy smokers? Communicate to hubby or both of them together. say that u feel nauseous & vomiting after smelling it. *include your mil* they can smoke at downstairs /carpark or coffee shop for smokers. When babies arrive they can’t even smoke everywhere in e house. They still have to go down n smoke. Make it a habit Living room / own room is a big no no. If really that bad. Still doing it. I will move to my own house n stay. I don’t want anything to happen to my baby too.

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Maybe bring it up your gynae and pretend to ask if it's OK to breathe in 2nd hand smoke? Let the gynae explain while your husband listen. Then let your husband feel guilty andet him go tell your father in law himself.

use your hubby's money to stay in hotel until he's willing to do something about it or lose all his hard earned money for your stay. let him learn it the hard way😎

Please be firm in conveying the msg that passive smoking is not good for others, period. They have to respect you as an individual staying in that house too.

feel you... cause my family too.. I have a 1 year old at home and I'm 8 months pregnant with my second... still everyone in the house smokes.

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Sit your husband down and tell him you really mean it. Else you try getting your gynae to say it

Please try to stay away from the smoke and tell them about it Second hand smoking is very bad

That's terrible of them. If up to me, I would throw away app the cigarettes I can find at home

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talk to them to smoke outside or smtg, or all you have to do is stay away from them