very anxious

hi mummies, im just very anxious and worried.. so are we allowed to go for our check ups? im having a ultrasound on 8th april.(gender revealing time) thats why im v v anxious.

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Yes! Obstetrics services are still considered essential. Just exercise caution and wear a mask out if you have.

Yes stick to the appointment and protect yourself as much as possible while going out

Yup of course, hospitals are still open. It’s an essential service.

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yes, clinics are still open but do wear a mask and bring hand sanitiser

Yes you are. Just remember to take precautions such as wearing a mask

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yes can but practice proper hygiene and wear mask if you can

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yes do take care wear mask & avoid touching face 💪😘

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Yes we are allowed. But pls be careful and wear a mask

Yes you can but be extra careful when stepping out

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Yes. Hospitals and clinics are still open.