Pumping at work

Hi mummies, I’m heading back to work soon. Can mummies advise how can i build my supply for the first week if I’m a just nice supply mum? Can I also know what’s your pump schedule like and how do we handle the pump parts in between pumps at work? Hope to hear your advices! Thank you!

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I only manage to pump once at work which is lunch time and have to walk over to opposite mall's nursing room 🙄 I bought cordless breast pump which is quite handy and efficient and also portable sterilizer, just in case need to pump before end work at 6pm (sometimes feel like burst, cant wait to go home) Store milk at office's fridge 1 month before back to work I let my boy try formula just in case my supply is insufficient and also to make sure he's not allergic to Formula

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Super Mum

I'm also just nice supply. I started pumping 3-5hourly since baby was 2mo (but direct latch her), so i managed to build some freezer stash. Returned to work when baby turned 4mths, i pump 3 times at work - 9am, 1pm, 4pm. 3 pumping session output just enough for next day's consumption at infant care, dl at night & collect with haakaa.

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2y ago

I keep my pump parts in a ziplock bag and store in fridge, no washing after pumping. Only wash & sterilise after i got home.