pain on upper left rib

Hi Mummies, I'm exactly 22 weeks today and have been having this pain on my upper left ribcage, the discomfort is pretty bad to the point i would end up crying. I can't eat too full, nor sit down. I have to keep lying down or try to sleep it off just so i don't have to feel it. Any mummies got remedies to help soothe this pain? I don't want to keep eating paracetamol, I heard its not good for pregnancy.
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This kind of pain manifested starting my 25th week. I believe it’s because the baby is growing bigger and is starting to squeeze our organs.
I had very bad rib pain from the start of my third trimester till I delivered. It happens as the organs are being compressed and pushed towards the rib to accomadate the growing baby. I got myself a m
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Check with doctor
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Please consult your gynaecologist , do not self medicate take care!