Clogged ducts

How many times a day do I have to massage boobs to clear clogged ducts? Boobs are painful and I’m trying to keep massaging and adding warm compress

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may I ask what do you use to warm compress the clogged duct? usually I'll fill a small milk bottle with hot water and use it to roll on my clogged duct towards my nipple afew times. do you pump/ nurse when you have clogged ducts? that will help too. having a running warm shower may help but that will waste water and your breastmilk.

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3mo ago

I guess it's up to your comfort level and how diligent you are. I only massage before I pump or when the clogged ducts are making me uncomfortable.

Hey mamaaaa! Are you taking sunflower lecithin? This helps for clogged ducts (of course your diet also plays a part). Are your boobs solid hard and pain to touch? Hard and painful despite pumping/nursing?

3mo ago

I just ordered lecithin after seeing the reviews. My boobs are hard but not painful