Diagnosed missed miscarriage

Hi mummies, I’m devasted by the news from my gynae today that my embyro stopped growing. I went for my first checkup on 4 Nov, the sac was there but no embryo yet. That’s probably too early to detect. However, i was a bit sad when was told that there’s strips of blood spotted during the vaginal scan. We went for another check 2 weeks later. The sac grew but no embryo yet. Just last week, ie 2 weeks from my last checkup, I was delighted to know what the embryo has developed but no heartbeat was detected yet. My gynae asked me to followup with another check a week later, and it should be able to hear the heartbeat. Else, it wont be normal. And finally, i went for my checkup today. My gynae said that the embryo stopped growing and no heartbeat was detected still. It’s confirmed a missed miscarriage. He then scheduled me to go for an op tomorrow to clear the uterus. Just wondering if there’s any mummies out there who has similar experience to share? Thank you so much!

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Dear Mummy, Sorry to hear that. Just to share my story. Previously I had 2 miscarriages at 18weeks in 2018 - suspect cervical incompetence & 8 weeks in March 2019-Dr only say unhealthy pregnancy. Quite similar, for my 2nd miscarriage, no proper yolk sac & heartbeat detected. But no operation done for my 2nd miscarriage. I am currently 35weeks pregnant. Do not give up! Do not loose hope!

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did you do a cerlarge?

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Poor thing. It does happen sm time. If u like, u may wan to check wif another gynae for 2nd opinion.