Missed miscarriage recovery

Went for my 6 week scan and no foetus or heartbeat was detected. Gynae said it is likely a blighted ovum - where the embryo stopped developing, and I should expect bleeding to come. Would like to seek advice from those with similar experience: 1. when did your bleeding start and how long did it last? any unbearable pain? 2. how long after that did you feel back to normal? 3. when is it ok to start exercising?

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Super Mum

i had a miscarriaged btwn 9-10weeks. had unbearable cramps with spotting for the whole day. (lucky i was at the hosp alrd) went for a urine test, instead i was already bleeding so badly down there. my cramps was worst than menses cramps and cramps stops ard 2days there. went for massage to clear any lingering bleeding and after my confinement (mum abit old school.even miscarriaged has confinement) for 15days, im preg again after one intercourse .

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12mo ago

i engage my mum's friend who's a does on call service

I had a missed miscarriage at 9 weeks as there was no heartbeat. I went for a d&c the next day to remove the foetus. Totally no pain at all. I took things easy for at least 2weeks but I remembered my emotions went haywire... May all goes well for you.

10mo ago

hi. may i ask when u had missed miscarriage, what are the symptoms u experienced?