Baby’s weight @ week 37.

Hi mommies, my baby’s weight is currently 2290G @ week 37. On the other hand… I have gained 2KG but bb’s weight dropped by 110G since last week. Gynae & mummies advised to take durians and fast food to gain bb’s weight. But what happens if I’m still the one gaining and bb is not gaining by next week? Any mommies experienced or went thru the same thing before? What’s the min weight for bb to avoid ICU? :( #1stimemom #firstbaby #pregnancy

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I also experienced similar previously.. I was feeling so helpless so I even tried taking durian everyday till I nose bleed (it didn’t help a lot thou) so I really went for strict protein diets with less carbs - both red and white meats, 3 hard boiled eggs without egg yolk with full cream milk as breakfast and about 4 meals a day and I made it from 1.9kg to baby born at 2.5kg on our last 4 weeks.. Remember NEVER take junk food, carbs.. (NO fast food!!) Take food with more protein.. If u are having high sugar levels then remember to avoid sweet stuff like durian, avocado milkshake etc.. And it hard to tell if u are e one gaining or baby, u will only able to know after baby is born.. At least my case, both of us gained..

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1y ago

This helped so much!! I almost planned to munch on fast food and durian. Glad to know that I can take eggs as an alternatives instead 😭 I don’t take red meats.. can I sub it with chicken breast instead?

Have you tried drinking maternity milk? My baby was considered smaller than average and so I did try the durian method as my doctor did say I can try.. haha but I also took maternity milk. Baby’s birth weight was 2.6kg while I gained almost 15kg 😮‍💨

1y ago

I didn’t as I couldn’t take the taste plus I gained 16KG coming to 17KG till date so I only took Low fat marigold milk few days a week. :(


if im not wrong, to avoid NICU must be above 2kg..

1y ago

Thank you so much 🙏🏻🙏🏻