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Hi mummies. Any idea how I can boost my milk supply? I’m only a month post partum. Yet my milk supply is getting lesser everyday. Used to breastfeed but baby had jaundice and doctor advised that breast milk might cause jaundice too depending on what mummy eats (especially ginger and red dates). Yikes.. my MIL put lots of ginger in my food to release gas. So I stopped taking ginger and stopped breastfeeding for a while to clear my body of ginger. Gave LO formula. Tried to still pump my milk but then now milk supply is getting way less. Like just 40ml. What can I do to boost my milk supply 🥺

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Hey mummy, my son had the same problem with you but i didn't stop breastfeeding him as the doctor say is ok to feed him. Baby have jaundice is ok, you don't consume ginger replace it to lemongrass and as for red dates can consume it doesn't affects jaundice. To boost your milk supply, you can consume MILO, OATS, MILK, GREEK YOGURT, AVOCADO, PAPAYA LACTATION COOKIES, LACTATION BROWNIES. Looking for lactation foods you can go IG look for BAKINGMAMA, her lactation foods are affordable and delicious. Power pump twice a day, pump every 2 to 3 hours.

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