Should i opt for normal birth or csec ?

Hello mummies, i went for my last growth scan and doc told me that my baby weight is 3.1 at 36 weeks. Next week, at week 37 i would need to tell my doc whether i want to opt for normal birth or csec. Doc also explained that if i want normal birth, i would be induced in week 38 as afraid that my baby will grow even more thats why they recommend to induce in week 38. But they also don’t recommend me to go for normal birth as they afraid that due to my big size baby, it could affect the baby shoulder and oxygen level during giving birth. But i do really wanna opt for normal birth. So mummies, i really do need your opinion on this. What do you think ?

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I will recommend going with what was suggested. Of course they know better. But again, baby's weight is just an estimation. I've also known my best friend who gave birth to 5 of her kids via vaginal delivery and all of them weighs a whopping 4kg! BUT she had a big tear of course pushing her big baby out. All depends on you. My baby was estimated to be big too. I have no GDM but I have high amniotic fluid. I was also estimated to go into a preterm delivery which I did BUT I was warned that I will need to go for c-sect if anything were to happen. Unfortunately on the day of labour, I had a fever due to an infection. My waterbag leaked prematurely. I had to be rushed to the delivery suite to be administered with lots of medicine via the IV plug, antibiotics, some meds to bring down my fever. And also unfortunately, both mine and baby's heart was really high, I had to put on an oxygen mask for his oxygen level to be ok. Gynae warned again that if the heart rate does not go down especially my baby's, I will still have to go for an emergency c-sect. I've only had vaginal deliveries before and that really scared me. The dilation was pretty slow. I was induced, did a membrane sweep and I started to push at 8cm when no one was around except my husband. I was really determined to give birth vaginally. Few mins later at 10cm, I gave birth to my 2.79kg baby.

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Its all up to you but if i am you, i would go for csec since thats what the gynae recommended. Thankfully my gynae didnt ask me what i preferred and assumed normal delivery! He ever preempt me tat i might nd csec because baby is in breech position.. so i kinda leave it to fate that time. If i really nd it, i will just go for it.

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I guess it will be better to do elective c sect since that’s what your gynae recommends. If worse come to worse, you may have to go through emergency c sect then you have to go through both :/

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Elective means it’s already planned. Emergency is not planned - means you tried to give birth naturally but failed and hence emergency c sect needs to be done to get the baby out.